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Arthur S. Edelman

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Arthur has quickly developed athletic skills in golf and became the second ranked golfer of his age at 14. His strong work ethic and consistency awarded him a scholarship in a division I team at the University of Denver where he found his passion for cinema. Deciding not to pursuit his professional golf career, Arthur became passionate about horror movies and spent a year at the Vancouver Film School where he excelled in the producing department. Arthur co-wrote and produced short psychological horror “Where’s Violet” which got nominated for the International Russian Horror Film Awards. He also wrote and directed short horror “PUZZLE” which will take part of the festival circuit.

Arthur's vision: “I have for goal to surround myself with a group of people that have the same passion as I do. I don’t like do create things the conventional way, that is why I keep challenging my partners and myself to think outside the box and push the limits. I ultimately want to run a horror production company. In order to achieve this goal, I like to set up micro-realistic goals, that gradually leads to the long- term goal.


Nathan Lebedoff

Born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Nathan was raised by a loving single mother. Already at a young age, Nathan rapidly developed rare skills in music and art. His dedication for art and music led him to a passion for film. Having watched over 1000’s of films from different times and genre, Nathan created a style of his own, with influences from Yorgos Lanthimos and David Lynch. His creativity and talent led him to write and direct his first award winning short horror film “Where’s Violet?”

Nathan's vision: “I strive to come up with stories that have not been told before. I like to explore people’s fear and dark secrets that are often taboo. With Nolovefilms, I want to keep creating original content and seek distribution for my films.